About Habiba

Habiba Stores is a company that specializes in food import/export and bulk sales in the local Jordanian market. The company was founded in 1979, and since then has expanded to serve most of the Jordanian market. We are considered the best in our field, and currently supply high profile 5 star and restaurants, and hotels such as, Movenpick hotels, Fourseason hotel, Jordan Intercontinental hotel, crown plaza hotel, Kempenski hotel and the Marriott.

Habiba Stores also supplies super stores and malls such as Safeway, Carreffour , and Cozmo; as well as approximately 20 other medium size stores. We also serve more than 350 supermarkets and 50 companies which prepare food meals. In addition, we have many tenders with governmental organizations.

We deal and import from most countries in Europe, the United States Asia and most Arab countries where we retail various private brand names , in addition to our factory packed Habiba goods such as seeds ,sugar, and flour.

Furthermore we have a huge cooperation with international organizations including the Red Cross ( all projects to Palestine , Iraq , Yemen .. ) , Red Crescent , UNHCR , and many others .